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2020 Get RADICAL Women's Conference Agenda

Friday, March 20th


7:30am: VIP Registration Opens

8:00am: General Registration Opens

9:00am: Opening Ceremonies & Welcome

9:30am: General Session: Bigger

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

Bigger goals. Bigger Impact. Bigger giving. Bigger purpose. Bigger freedom. Bigger legacy.

During this opening session, Doreen shares 6 positioning strategies to get you ready for the "bigger" that's available to you.

10:30am: Networking Break

11:00am: General Session: Take Up Space

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

You must boldly and unapologetically stand in your purpose, go after your goals and have the impact that you were created for.

In this session, Doreen shows you how to take a stand for your holistic success.

Discover how to increase confidence, understand what may hold you back and assess and analyze your mindset DNA to maximize this opportunity called life.

Be seen. Be heard. Stand firmly in your right to make your goals a priority.

12:15pm – 1:45pm:  VIP Luncheon with Doreen Rainey & Kellee Edwards (Platinum VIP Registrations Only)

2:00pm:  General Session: Adventurous Living

Speaker: Kellee Edwards

Life is Meant to Be an Adventure!

Pilot and travel journalist Kellee Edwards is making big moves in the travel entertainment world.

A licensed pilot, advanced open water scuba diver, explorer and journalist, she's a pioneer in her approach to adventure travel. Her brand, Kellee Set Go!, is recognized by some of the biggest brands in travel.

Kellee is the host of Mysterious Islands, a series that explores some of the most remote islands of the 100,000 in the world, that viewers more likely have never heard of.

She's sharing how to be confident enough to go against the grain, how to conquer fears of the unknown and how to live a life that truly feeds your soul.

3:00pm: Networking Break

3:30pm: The Legendary Collective Panel

Speakers: Doreen Rainey, Zenovia Andrews, Varian Brandon, Nikki Klugh, Jenenne Macklin, Chereace Richards, Patrice Washington

Doreen and these other incredible women mastermind together. A group of multiple six figure, seven figure and eight figure business owners, they'll be sharing their insights, strategies and lessons learned from building businesses, managing family and making time for self care, as well as answering your questions.

6:00pm - 7:30pm Networking Meet & Greet Reception (Platinum VIP & VIP Registrations Only)


Saturday, March 21st


7:30am – 8:45am - VIP Breakfast Workshop with Doreen Rainey & Jennifer Justice (Platinum VIP & VIP Registrations Only)

9:00am: General Session: Making Power Moves

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

Making power moves requires a focused, intentional process to get in action and stay in action.

In this session, Doreen shares 3 must do strategies to accelerate success and move to the next level in your career, business or with your personal goals.

9:45am: Workshops

Workshop 1: Secure that Corner Office: Level Up Your Corporate Career

Our panel of experts will be sharing their insights on how to grow your role, position, salary and leadership. They'll be discussing and answering your questions around taking charge of your career path, how to negotiate with confidence, the power of building alliances and collaborations and becoming more assertive in the workplace.

This session will also focus on lessons around communications, conflict management, finding mentors, leveraging your network and enhancing your intra-prenuer skills to thrive in your career.

Workshop 2: Entrepreneur Blueprint: 5 Step Roadmap to Accelerate Business Growth

As an entrepreneur, to produce consistent revenue and grow, you must focus on building the 4 pillars for business success.

In this session, you'll learn proven techniques to elevate your systems and strategies around operations, marketing, sales and revenue.

You’ll be privy to insightful coaching, powerful strategies, expert teaching and practical training to position your business for exponential growth.

Focus on creating your personalized business plan that’s practical, implementable and sets you up for success.

11:00am: General Session: Don't Be a...

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

When it comes to goals, we can have a way of holding ourselves back. In this session, Doreen shares 3 major personality traits we need to be mindful of in order to keep out of self-sabotaging behavior and positioned to achieve more.

12:30pm – 1:45pm: VIP Luncheon with Doreen Rainey & Nicole Ari Parker (Platinum VIP Registrations Only)

2:00pm: General Session: Talking Success with Nicole Ari Parker

Speakers: Nicole Ari Parker and Doreen Rainey

Nicole Ari Parker may be best known for her roles on Soul Food and Empire, but being an actress isn’t her only role — she’s also a mom of two and an entrepreneur with her own line of activewear headbands called Gymwrap.

She's sharing her journey and the lessons she's learned about creating your own lane of success, staying true to your purpose and building a business legacy.

3:00pm: Networking Break

3:15pm: Workshops

Workshop 1: Financial Freedom: Practical Steps to Create Generational Wealth

Speakers: Zenovia and Anthony Andrews

Ready to reach the next level with your finances? If so, it's time to execute a plan that builds your confidence in your ability to create wealth that not only provides the security and lifestyle you want - but allows you to provide for generations to come.

During this session, you'll uncover the true definition of wealth, elements of a wealthy mindset, how to defeat money anxiety, keys to transforming your relationship with money, how to seek out opportunities to increase your income and steps you can take right now to create the abundant life you want and deserve.

Workshop 2: Change Lives + Make Money: Top Strategies to Build Your Coaching Practice

Life Coaching is all about creating results for your clients and income for yourself.

The two biggest challenges coaches face that keep them from building a profitable business are: (1) How to take clients through a proven process to create real, lasting change that leads them to achieve more. (2) How to market, design and price programs to attract their ideal client.

Doreen has generated millions of dollars in her coaching practice and she's going to be teaching the specific strategies she's used to build her profitable coaching practice.

4:00pm: Networking Break

4:15pm: General Session: Your Personalized Action Plan

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

It's not just enough to know identify your authentic goals, you must create your personalized action plan.

In this session, Doreen shares the 5 components necessary to plan your steps to your next level once you get back home.

5:30pm: Dinner On Your Own

7:00pm - 8:30pm: RADICAL Power Coaching with Doreen Rainey


Sunday, March 22nd


7:30am – 8:43am – VIP Breakfast Workshop with Doreen Rainey & Mona Sharma (Platinum VIP & VIP Registrations Only)

9:00am: General Session: Your Mindset DNA

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

Are you thoughts, behaviors and habits currently serving you - or hindering you? Doreen's walks you through a self assessment to identify the areas you need to amplify and those you need to adjust in order to reach your big goals.

9:30am: General Session: Holistic Success

Speaker: Mona Sharma

Success encompasses taking care of your whole self - mind, body and spirit. In this session, Mona demonstrates how to stay on track with your wellness goals to stay full of energy as you take care of your total self.

10:30am: Networking Break

11:00am: General Session: Your Impossible Decade

Speaker: Doreen Rainey

We're here to accomplish great things - in our families, communities, businesses and careers. This is not the time to play small or live in doubt and fear. In this closing session, get positioned to take this decade by storm. To do more, be more, have more and give more.

12:30pm Conference Ends


*Platinum VIP and VIP Registrations are extremely limited

**This agenda and program is subject to change