Who is Jenenne Macklin?

Transformational speaker, author, and spiritual life coach Jenenne Macklin is the CEO & creative visionary behind the personal development training & coaching company, Consciously Creating Your Life. Jenenne founded this company in 2011 after she was abruptly fired and found herself at one of several critical crossroads in her life. She is passionate about being a catalyst for heart-centered women, entrepreneurs, though leaders and executives to recognize their value and maximize their relationship with money. She challenges and charges women to live with passion, increase their profits, and build a powerful legacy.

Jenenne Macklin believes that every person on the planet is entitled to live a wealthy life. With a range of clients that includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate giants and celebrities, Jenenne has increased profits into millions with her proven 6-step Sacred Wealth System. But before she touched the lives of thousands, she started with herself. At one point in her life, she was broke. When she was fired, she lost her only source of income and felt completely helpless. But she was able to change her circumstances through focus, conscious thought and action. This is what allowed her to get to where she is today. And she wants to do the same for you.

As the key facilitator for her signature events and training programs, Jenenne orchestrates a live experience for women to be inspired, ignited and propelled to take their next big step toward their dreams and living their ultimate best life. Her energy is infectious, and draws women from all over the globe into a safe place where she serves them virtually and face-to-face.

Jenenne is a Les Brown Platinum Speaker, and as a highly sought-after keynote and feature speaker, she has shared the stage with Lisa Nichols and other giants in the personal development industry. Jenenne’s powerhouse delivery and presence touches large and small audiences as she offers her own unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Using gentle nudges, she challenges her audiences to create the life they want and delivers practical strategies for success. She firmly believes in the power of authenticity and honesty, and this belief is woven throughout her live events and online programs.

Jenenne will tell the truth—and she has completely accepted the discomfort that her truth-telling may cause, because she is committed to spreading her divine message. With an emphasis on wealth building, she plants forward-thinking seeds of wisdom and shows others how to start building their future today.

Beyond her speaking and facilitating abilities, Jenenne is a celebrated author and a coach in high demand. Her written message as well as her coaching programs provide real-world solutions for the working woman who is struggling with the perpetual cycle of debt, to the entrepreneurial woman who is struggling with charging her clients for what her time is truly worth. Jenenne’s background as a minister and her role as an active mother allow her to appeal to a broad audience of women—no matter their station or position in life.

Jenenne is currently on tour all over the United States, as she is on a mission to usher in life-altering breakthroughs for the women in her audience and tribe. The Manifest Money Now live event provides an additional opportunity for Jenenne to draw like-minded women together to connect with her and beyond that, connect with each other. Because Jenenne is results-driven, she shows up to her live events with a heart of service and a plan of action to share. Manifest Money Now will be no exception, as she prepares to extract the thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies that have prevented women from attracting wealth, and charts the journey to unleash and unblock their money flow.