Varian C. Brandon works with high-achievers, top leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs who are craving the next level, and know they’re the only one standing in the way.

From single teenage mom who refused to be a statistic, Varian has spent the last 22+ years as a very successful corporate sales leader for a Fortune 25 company selling to and managing multi-million dollar clients.

She knows she was born to liberate leaders who are ready to expand the borders of who they are and shatter the picture of who others think they should be, so they can create success and significance according to their agenda, in their own way and leading with consciousness and authenticity.

She is a leadership mentor, highly skilled facilitator and transformational speaker. Her expertise is communication, supported by her degrees in Corporate Communication  & Technology and Organizational Communication. However her superpower is being a very intentional “truth teller” and teaching others what it really means to Lead Bravely and access the courage to do the next brave thing.

Varian believes that your ultimate power lies in allowing the world to be as it is without demanding that it change while simultaneously showing up in a way that change and transformation is inspired by your presence and contribution.